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Hancock's Half Hour - The Football Pools - Part 1
Tony Hancock and Sid James
Hancock has got 7 score draws on his football pools coupon. In order to win the jackpot he needs one other draw. The match he needs is a late kick off. Hancock and Sid turn up at the match to cheer for a draw... First broadcast: 27 November 1959 (Series 5, Episode 10). Written by Alan Simpson and Ray Galton. As at 20 April 2011 the synch is out in the first half of this video when played in Quicktime (ie on this page) and in iTunes. It must be a bug - it plays perfectly in VLC and DivX player...
Tony Hancock and Sid James

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Hancock's Half Hour was broadcast by the BBC 1956-1961. All British television broadcasts fall into the public domain under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 after 50 years from the 1st January following the end of the 50 years.
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