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24th July 2017

Here's Charlie Chaplin as The Tramp for the first time... What an entrance...

17th July 2017

When Channel 4 in the UK was starting up and it was looking for out of copyright movies to fill up a cheap evening of entertainment this was one of the movies they included. The Wild Women Of Wongo is just plain wrong. But, hey, it's free content. Lap it up. (Just 3 clips - the whole thing is too much).

28th June 2017

I rarely get to put new content up on pdcomedy.com but here is something new. Attack from Space is a well known public domain movie, as I have now found out, but I had never seen it before. The whole terribly wonderfully awful movie is here. And three hilarious clips from the movie are also up: Opening Sequence. Public Domain Explosions Special. One Man Army.

18th June 2017

Drive in movie special, from the public domain. Teenagers From Outer Space is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Here's one clip. Enjoy

28th May 2017

As Summer is about to start, let's go back to silent black and white world for a classic silent chase. It looks like a perfect sunny day, 1922 style. A clip from The Show. You are very welcome fellow silent movie lovers...

19th May 2017

Harold Lloyd. Slapstick. You are welcome. Here's a clip from Never Weaken.

2nd May 2017

How about another Popeye cartoon this week? Parlez Vous Woo?

20th April 2017

Drive-in movies and the ads... Here's how they got you there in this selection of drive in movies extras...

7th April 2017

Is that a multicolored salad bowl or is it a brainwave transfer device? Who knows. Two clips from the public domain disaster that was/is/forever will be, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter.

29th March 2017

It'll be alright on the night... A selection of old time bloopers...

20th March 2017

I'm completely hooked by Riverdale on Netflix right now. If you are looking for Small Town USA as it was seen on national television in the 1950s The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet ticks all the boxes. This Road Race episode is a nice one to introduce you to the series if you are new...

10th March 2017

Classic dancing on the ceiling is this week's amazing clip from pd movie Royal Wedding... Stars Fred Astaire. (Other clips here.)

2nd March 2017

I love the public domain Popeye cartoons so much here is another one. Private Eye Popeye. Enjoy.

21st February 2017

The early Popeye cartoons are one of the highlights of the public domain. All of the short ones are good, here's Assault And Flattery as our pick of the bunch for this week.

13rd February 2017

This week's selection is Charlie Chaplin in His Prehistoric Past. Here he is at the beginning of cinema. Creativity in full flow. It looks like it was a sunny day. Look how far we have come. Wonderful nostalgia.

2nd February 2017

It's not yet the time of year for drive-in movies in the Northern Hemisphere, but here is a film that would be perfect for it. Attack of the Giant Leeches is one you can watch and have fun with your partner in the car.

23rd January 2017

Buster Keaton in Neighbours is our movie of the week on pdcomedy.com. We thank the gorgeous archive.org for hosting this copy of the video.

15th January 2017

A clip from the public domain movie Black Fist is our clip of the week. None of this UFC malarkey, this is how we fought in the 1970s. Black Fist 1974.

2nd January 2017

The happiest of New Years to all our fans. Here's a little gem (quite literally). The Impossible Kid starring Weng Weng. This is a link to the best bits, but there's a link to the complete movie too...

18th December 2016

One of the best movies in the public domain is the House On Haunted Hill. It's a tongue in cheek but still very scary at times haunted house movie starring Vincent Price. The whole film is on archive.org, on pdcomedy.com we have a collection of the more outrageously scary bits for a bit of fun...

9th December 2016

Kirk Douglas is 100 today. Here's a brilliant film in which he stars. My Dear Secretary.

4th December 2016

Tony Hancock and Sid James in Hancock's Half Hour is a gem of British comedy. Here is the Christmas Special from 1957.

28th November 2016

It's almost December so let's start to roll out the Christmas stuff... Ohhh yea... Meet John Doe is first.

15th November 2016

We have a large number of clips and this is one of my favourites. WC Fields plays golf. What could possibly go wrong? [link]

6th November 2016

As the nights pull in here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's time to get a little spooky... Spooky Swabs should do the trick, starring Popeye...

23rd October 2016

Jerry Lewis as a young man... A sensation at the time. Still sensational today. This clip from the Ed Sullivan Show.

11th October 2016

Only three clips right now but over time I am hoping to build up this collection of Max Linder. We have already got Max in a Taxi, here are clips from two of Linder's most popular movies. Seven Years Bad Luck and The Three Mustgettheres.

1st October 2016

Georges Melies was one of the very earliest innovators of silent comedy. A whole load of his early stuff is just too dated now, or so surreal it's just over my head. However here are five examples of some amazing creativity as he played with what was a new medium at the turn of the 20th century. From what is billed as the first slapstick joke in movie history (The Sprinkler Sprinkled - 1895) to a number of lovely pre CGI attempts at effects. Yes, you can clearly see the joins in all of them, but WOW!... these are examples from one of the very first men to do this stuff, ever. If you want just one video, try the wrestling video... wonderful stuff... All the movies are here.

25th September 2016

Chaplin once said "Give me a park, a policeman and a girl and I'll give you a movie." Well, I'm not actually sure he did say that but if he did then he was referring to this movie. In The Park... 1915 purity in silence and black and whiteness... You are sooo welcome...

20th September 2016

This week's pick from our public domain archive is Wasp Woman. This movie is from the unintentionally funny camp. A very successful female CEO tests a new method to rejuvenate her skin... Trouble is... Wasp Woman the movie is here, some clips are here.

11th September 2016

This week's choice is The Goat starring Buster Keaton. Widely regarded as one of the best comedy's of the silent age, it's one long chase... enjoy...

5th September 2016

Here's a hilarious clip from Abbott and Costello. Costello plays the detective...

29th August 2016

A service to all our public domain fans is that we put up a lot of clips. You really don't want to sit through a lot of public domain movies. Take Creature From The Haunted Sea as an example - all the best bits are in this clip.

14th August 2016

There are a couple of truly great public domain full movies, like My Man Godfrey. It was nomiated for 6 Oscars in 1936 for the best leading actor and actress.

7th August 2016

We have just put up a load of What Happens Next videos from our public domain cliffhangers archive.... enjoy...

31st July 2016

An absolute gem in the public domain is My Favorite Brunette starring Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. Genuinely likeable, and hysterically funny (see the scene where they are trying to record a confession on an old vinyl record player), you are in for a treat if you have never seen this one. The full movie is here. Clips are here.

25th July 2016

In tribute to the Old Timer on Blazing Saddles... The original in this public domain clips collection... Here

17th July 2016

It's the time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere for an outside movie and whilst we don't recommend sitting through the entire The Giant Gila Monster, we do recommend you watching our clip from the movie. It's 1950's terror in black and white... yikes... The clip is here

10th July 2016

The Admiral Was A Lady is one of those great gems of the public domain. Our description on the page is Top Cat with people. It's a great little find. The whole movie is here. A short clip is here.

28th June 2016

I'm very pleased to release a whole new feature that has been in the works for a while, today. Can you guess how our heroes escape in our video cliffhangers quiz? I intend to add to this significantly over the coming week or so. Cinema serials of the 1930s were a brilliant Saturday morning treat for millions, each episode of about 15 weekly installments had a cliffhanger. Not all of them are as good as the ones I've got on pdcomedy.com (just the very best of the public domain on this web site). The first two serials featured to start this off are Ace Drummond and Brick Bradford. Hope you like them, I've had a lot of fun creating this new feature. Can you guess... What Happens Next?

17th June 2016

We featured the whole movie Road To Bali earlier, but here is a clip from the movie. A song sung by Bob Hope to Dorothy Lamour, You Won't Say Yes...

6th June 2016

A great free Popeye cartoon is this week's pick. Gopher Spinach.

29th May 2016

Herman the Cheeseburglar is our video pick today. A cartoon. Enjoy on this holiday weekend.

24th May 2016

We spent an awful lot of time putting music to public domain silent movies way back when this website started. Like this one starring Harold Lloyd - Number Please - in two parts. (If the streaming is jerky you have the option to download it on the page.)

15th May 2016

Classic old time TV ads don't come any more can't-get-it-out-of-my-head-tuneful than this Rice Krispies gem...

4th May 2016

Victor Borge was a concert class pianist comedian. A unique talent caught here in this public domain clip.

21st April 2016

Naughty But Mice is a fun addition to our best of pdcomedy.com. On reviewing it I noticed WBTV had claimed copyright on the version on youtube.com we had. I've changed the link to the archive.org version.

15th April 2016

John Wayne is the archetypal bad ass. Here are some of his bad assy best bits from Angel and the Badman.

7th April 2016

This week's gem is a collection of clips from The Brain That Wouldn't Die... (The film includes a disembodied head that talks.) pdcomedy created 2 best bits videos, and there is also a link to the whole thing on Archive.org here.

31st March 2016

The Popeye cartoons are one of the jewels of the public domain. Feeling patriotic? Here's Popeye doing his bit in Patriotic Popeye.

8th March 2016

A fun satire here called Nothing Sacred. A woman fakes an illness and finds it difficult to come clean once the attention of the world's media comes upon her. We have the whole movie and some of the best clips here.

17th February 2016

For those outside the USA the Ozzie and Harriet Show is virtually unknown. The show followed the fictional exploits of a real family. America watched its stars grow up on the show. Ricky Nelson was one of the stars and went on to international fame. In this week's piece here is a nice moody piece of prime time violence called The Manly Arts.

3rd February 2016

There are a few wonderful nuggets on pdcomedy.com. Such as this clip from The Jack Benny Show. The guest star is Marilyn Monroe.

14th January 2016

The USA produced some unintentionally hilarious anti drugs adverts way back in the day... we have a number of them here

9th January 2016:

Here's an exclusive collection of clips from The Invisible Man.

23rd December 2015:

This week it's our Popeye collection that gets our festive vote. Noting seasonal at all, just great cartoons.

16th December 2015:

So it's almost Christmas so here are a selection of the best christmas cartoons. Top pick is Snow Foolin, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer in a classic cartoon and Santa and the Three Bears. All a bit dated, but hey... Ho Ho Ho!!! (All the festive treats are here.)

12th December 2015:

Here's a great fun public domain movie for the Christmas holiday period. Abbott and Costello in Africa Screams.

3rd December 2015:

Christmas is in the air and pdcomedy.com has it's share of Christmas favourites we'll be featuring over the next few weeks. This week it's a classic episode of the superb Jack Benny Hour. Penny pinching, permanently 39 years old, Jack goes shopping - what could possibly go right? Episode: Christmas Shopping.

25th November 2015:

Buster Keaton is now recognised as one of the three giant silent forces from the dawn of cinema (the other two are Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin). We have a large number of Buster Keaton films on the site, some have been rescored specially for the site. The link to all of the Buster Keaton films is here. My personal favourite is Steamboat Bill Jr, but many say The General or The Goat are two other of his finest movies.

18th November 2015:

A couple of blogs ago I highlighted Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in the Colgate Comedy Hour. This week Martin and Lewis again, but this time their radio shows. There are many hours of these on the site and they are remarkable time pieces. Pick any one and just listen to the screaming laughter at the front of many of these shows. I have never heard a crowd like that. [link]

4th November 2015:

It's fireworks night on 5th November in the UK. In the USA 4th July is fireworks night. Here are a couple of fireworks videos published on the Whitehouse.org website. 2010 2011

28th October 2015:

The Road to Bali is the only colour movie in the Road To series and also the only one in the public domain. It is truly hilarious in places with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope on top form.

21st October 2015:

The greatest comedy double act there has ever been? Try Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in these Colgate Comedy Hour shows...

14th October 2015:

British television and radio legend Tony Hancock was one of the most popular British comedians in the 1950s with his sidekick Sid James (who himself became a legend in his own right from the Carry On films.) It's the double act that makes these shows so good in my opinion - you have the miserable downtrodden Hancock and the happy-go-lucky chancer Sid James. Wonderful. Hancock Half Hour.

7th October 2015:

The first gem I recommend is actually all 30 public domain episodes of The Lucy Show. All of them are here, along with some clips at the bottom of the page.

Lucille Ball was a beloved comedy actress of the 1960s and it's easy to see why in these episodes. Genuinely laugh out loud funny in places, the 30 episodes offer a number of surprises. My favourite is the Ring A Ding Ding episode in which Lucy tries on her bosses wife's ring and it gets stuck - it's comedy gold throughout. The Palm Springs episode is also recommended and involves the repeating storyline of Lucy trying to get out of doing any work only to be caught out by her curmudgeonly but kind hearted boss. Other recommendations include the John Wayne episode, the French Movie star and Lucy and the Monkey.

But there isn't a bad episode in the 30 shows and I think they are the perfect place to start your discovery of the comedy on this site, all of which have fallen out of copyright.

pdcomedy.com content is all believed to be in the public domain (apart from some of the music used on the silent movies which is credited accordingly and cannot be used without that credit.) If you believe we have made a mistake and have posted something in which you have copyright please contact us immediately on editor@thevoiceofreason.com
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